From the Ground Up: Good Dryland Corn Yields in Burleson County

Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 8:17 AM CDT
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BURLESON COUNTY, Texas (KBTX) - Corn is the first crop that gets planted in our area every year and this year the weather was cooperative and planting was on schedule around the end of February or first of March. Hopes are that getting it in early will help beat the summer heat that could adversely affect pollination. Walter Vajdak grows corn and cotton in Burleson County.

“We started planting the corn and then things worked out, maybe had a little shower in there or something anyway and had real good planting moisture and we went ahead and planted and the corn came up to an excellent stand. We’d get maybe a small amount, an inch, inch and a half, half inch whatever, real good rains for growing and all that was working real well. It’d come a little too often sometimes because we weren’t able to get in and fertilize when we wanted to, and grass control was a challenge.”

Vajdak doesn’t complain about rain.

“In June it kind of quit raining and then it started getting a little bit dryer as the corn was pollinating and making grain. Kind of a little hot spot there in the weather and maybe the pollination wasn’t quite as good as it could have been.”

But then it began raining again.

“And the corn went ahead and filled out and it was a real good bushel weight. It was a good crop. For dryland it probably averaged a little over one hundred thirty bushels and that was excellent for us.”

At planting time corn futures were at four dollars per bushel. Vajdak contacted part of his crop at that price.

“From there it was a steady decline in prices. I think right now it’s barely above three dollars. So that kind of set us back a little bit. I’m disappointed I guess but the extra yield would make up for that which we’re thankful for. It just didn’t work out that the price would have stayed up there. It would have been a really knock out year.”

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