District 17 race boils down to ideology and experience

Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 6:35 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Republican Pete Sessions, Democrat Rick Kennedy, and Libertarian Ted Brown are the three candidates running for Congressman Bill Flores' District 17 seat.

Thursday Libertarian Ted Brown was in Bryan putting out signs in front of the Brazos County Administrative Building.

Brown says he is not beholden to any special interest groups or major party leaders, and that his belief in less government is what sets him apart from Sessions and Kennedy.

“Those two are different from each other, but in reality at the end of a two-year term, each one of them will have voted for more government," Brown said. "They’ll vote for higher federal budgets, budget deficits, more national debt, and there’s no difference between them in that regard.”

Saturday Pete Sessions hit the pavement and encouraged people to get out and vote.

He believes his 22 years of experience is an asset.

“I think that we must have a person that knows their way around Washington," said Republican congressional candidate Pete Sessions. "This congressional district should not be for starting over.”

Democrat Rick Kennedy, who was out working on a home with Habitat for Humanity Friday believes the opposite.

“Pete is the classic definition of a career politician," said Kennedy. "22 years in Congress. He is the caricature of a politician that we all say we want to get rid of.”

If elected Kennedy, a software engineer, believes he won’t let ideology get in the way.

“I’m a logical thinker, not an ideological thinker and I’m just looking for solutions that are effective and achievable," said Kennedy. “I don’t care where they came from on the political spectrum. The Fox News media caricature of a Democrat, it’s everything I’m not.”

Sessions believes he is the best candidate to represent the district.

“I’m a Republican,” said Sessions. “And I’m for the American people. I believe my leadership will lead us to exactly what this congressional district would be for. That is we have to get a transportation bill done. We have to support our military and we have got to make sure above all that we continue to grow jobs in this country.

As voters head to the ballot boxes, the candidates want voters to see their differences.

“There’s an old saying, he’s a Republican or Republican like when he gets around me but if you read him the rest of the days he is definitely a Democrat from Austin, Texas," said Sessions.

“If I’m elected I’m not going to vote for any bill that’s just thrown on my desk that’s a thousand pages long the day you’re supposed to vote,” Brown said. “That’s an automatic no for me. There needs to be careful consideration of legislation.”

“The choice ahead of the voters here is a guy with a 22-year history, ineffective, unethical," said Kennedy. "Versus a private citizen who is just looking to implement effective achievable change to benefit the day to day lives of central Texans.”

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