Your Vote Counts: Bryan ISD School Board At-Large Place 6

Two local candidates are looking for your vote this election.
Published: Oct. 24, 2020 at 11:14 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - Two local candidates are running for Bryan ISD School Board At-Large Place 6 this November. Deidra Davis and David Stasny say they both have what it takes to continue bringing Bryan ISD into the future.

Deidra Davis is currently an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Planning. She has been with the university since she moved to the area in 2017.

Davis says that since moving here, she has been incredible impressed with Bryan ISD, and wants to join the board to help continue moving the district forward.

“I am always energetic and ready to get on board especially when education is involved, and especially when it involves educating are you to go out into communities will be successful,” said Davis.

Davis says she has enjoyed watching the different programs in the school district flourish, especially those that offer more educational opportunities like the Career Technical Education Complex.

Davis says if elected, she wants to help continue working on making sure all students within the district get a complete education, including areas like financial literacy.

"So not only do we need to make sure that they are prepared academically, but they also need to be prepared for life skills,” said Davis.

David Stasny is the current seat holder of the position and has been with the school district since 1990. His family, dating back to his great-grandparents are from Brazos County, and his father, his children, and himself all attended Bryan ISD.

Stasny says that for him, it has always been about making sure the students in the district get the most out of their time there as possible.

“I just really feel like this is something that is critically important to the future of Bryan, Texas, the state of Texas, and the nation. If we don’t have strong public schools we are in trouble,” said Stasny.

Stasny adds that he is excited about the progress that has been made recently, especially with the different options for alternate education at the high schools and intermediate schools. He says he hopes to continue pushing the district in that direction.

“I still have ideas, haven’t run out of ideas, and I’m excited with our current superintendent and I want things to keep getting better and I’m going to try and be a part of that,” said Stasny.

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