Your Vote Counts: Meet the candidates for Brazos County attorney, prosecutor of misdemeanor crimes

Freddie Medina (D) and Earl Gray (R) are vying for the elected position.
Published: Oct. 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - A county attorney serves as the prosecutor for misdemeanor criminal cases, and in the November election, Brazos County voters will choose a new one as the current office-holder retires.

Freddie Medina (D) and Earl Gray (R) are the men now vying for the elected position.

Both Medina and Gray are Aggies, having earned their respective bachelor’s degrees from Texas A&M University. Medina earned his law degree at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law, and Gray earned his at Regent University School of Law.

Currently, Medina practices family law with Rick Davis & Associates. Gray is managing partner of Gray & Jones, Attorneys at Law, practicing criminal defense law.

But they would both like to quit private practice and serve as Brazos County attorney.

“We have big-city problems, and we need to face those big-city problems,” said Medina.

Gray says he would approach the job by “making sure we keep our community safe while also doing it in a fair form and fashion.”

The Brazos County attorney is responsible for prosecuting first-time family violence suspects.

“Punishment is always part of it, but I think we have to go farther than that. I think we have to change the behavior,” said Gray.

“A lot of it [is] making sure the children of Texas [are] taken care of,” said Medina.

The county attorney also handles misdemeanor drug charges, like marijuana possession.

“I think it’s ridiculous the way we prosecute possession of marijuana cases here in Brazos County, I really do,” said Medina. “What I want to do is implement a pre-trial diversion program.”

“I’m against decriminalizing marijuana because that’s not my role,” said Gray. “But our goal is to change that behavior, but not necessarily destroy someone’s future.”

As a veteran himself, Medina says he’d work to set up a separate veteran’s court.

“Because they’re veterans,” Medina said. “That’s it. They’re veterans.”

Gray says he’s not sure the volume of veteran cases exists in Brazos County alone, but “whether or not we ultimately end up having a veterans court or not, veterans do need to have specific attention on their cases.”

Medina also wants a separate mental health court.

“Not putting them directly into the system; not putting them directly in jail,” said Medina. “Help them get the help that they need to deal with their mental health crisis.”

Gray is slower to advocate for a separate court because of the cost, but he says some solution is needed.

“I don’t see why we could not have a psychiatrist and some type of substance abuse counselor within the probation department,” said Gray.

Gray is listed as the Republican on the ballot, and Medina is listed as a Democrat. While both say they are indeed lifelong members of those respective parties, they also encourage voters to consider the individual in a race like this.

“We don’t legislate,” said Gray. “Our goal is to follow the law, not legislate the law.”

“In this race, it shouldn’t matter. But there it is,” said Medina.

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