Russia announces withdraw from key region in Ukraine

The Scowcroft Institute is holding a lecture on Russia and Ukraine next Monday
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Published: Nov. 10, 2022 at 6:34 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - In what could be a major development in the war in Ukraine, Russia has announced it is retreating from a key region in southern Ukraine.

The Russian Military has announced it’s withdrawing from Kherson--the first major city they captured after the February invasion. In a war full of failures, the Kremlin could point to Kherson as one crowning achievement. Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed the region in September, making it a part of Russia. Ukraine is now moving in, with extreme caution.

“It could be a trap. That’s what their Ukrainians are worried about,” said Andrew Natsios, an Executive Professor at the Bush School of Government and Public Service and Director of the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs. “But I think they are withdrawing. They’re under enormous pressure.”

According to Natsios, Russia recently lost about 300 troops up north from Kherson, and there’s a huge furor over this in Vladivostok where the troops were from. He says these troops were new recruits that were sent into combat with only a few weeks of training.

“I think the Russian plan was to take the entire Black Sea coastline of Ukraine away from the Ukraine so they don’t have a seaport, which would do a lot of damage to its economy over the long term. Then they’re going to, I think they would have tried to take Moldova, the country of Moldova, and then the three Baltic states, and then Poland. That was, I think, their original plan. There’s ample evidence that that was their intention, but it’s gone very, very badly,” said Natsios.

Now Russian troops are retreating, having lost the only Ukrainian regional capitol they managed to take over.

Anyone interested in learning more about the war as well as the history between Russia and Ukraine, can attend a lecture hosted by the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs. “Russia and Ukraine, a Fake Brotherhood” will feature guest speaker Pascal Bruckner, a French philosopher and novelist. The event will be on Monday, Nov. 14 at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum Orientation Theatre from 12:20 to 1:20 p.m.