Class of ‘01 Aggie among F-15C Fighters to flyover Kyle Field

Published: Nov. 26, 2022 at 9:04 PM CST
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - The roar of three F-15C fighters will mingle with the final notes of the National Anthem today in Kyle Field.

“Out of New Orleans, Louisiana, they are out of a joint reserve base, the 159th fighter ranks. They do air superiority and air over watch for our nation.”

While it is a short flight, coordination for flyovers starts months in advance.

“specifically with the secretary of the air force’s public affairs staff to get approval for a flyover,” said John Parrish, assistant professor of aerospace studies. “We also have to work with the FFA to get clearance and approval for the aircraft to flyover the stadium.”

Luckily for Parrish, there is no shortage of units that want to make the trip over Kyle Field.

“There is a lot of crew members that want to come back and flyover the stadium and come back to aggie football and Aggieland,” said Parrish.

Among today’s pilots is class of 2001 David Anderson

“This is one of the things I always wanted to do,” exclaimed Anderson. “I remember being a cadet 20 years ago and watching fighter jets and bombers flyover the quad and the stadium and I knew that’s what i wanted to be able to come back and do.”

Just like on the grid iron, a flyovers timing must be perfect but thanks to the Aggie band timing isn’t an issue.

“We’re lucky enough we have the Fightin’ Texas Aggie band and they pretty much play a national anthem in 65 seconds and they’re usually right on the clock. ... makes it a whole lot easier for us to be able to do this and perform,” said Anderson.

While some might see it as a waste, Parrish says you never know if there’s a young pilot you might be inspiring.

“It’s a great recruiting opportunity. Many kids have seen aircrafts flyover different stadiums air shows and grown up to be pilots or in service in general,” said Parrish.