Christmas and Agriculture

Published: Dec. 26, 2019 at 7:37 AM CST
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Our traditional Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be possible without production agriculture. Everything from the trees we decorate, to the tables we gather around, to many of the gifts we give originates on a farm or ranch. Bobby Kurten is a Brazos County rancher.

“Christmas involves agriculture in so many ways, from the food any food you eat for Christmas comes from agriculture whether it’s meat or vegetables or fruit or whatever. I remember when I was a little kid my Dad would tell me about their Christmas. Sometimes they’d get like a couple of grapefruit and a couple of oranges and some pecans or something like that as a present under the tree and to them it was a big deal because they didn’t get that much. Now you can get any kind of food you want any time you want it any way you want it.”

And gifts you give or receive are no exception.

“Whatever you get for Christmas, if it is cotton cloth or wool, or if it’s leather boots or leather shoes or a wallet or a belt, those kinds of things are straight out of agriculture. They come from agriculture. Every bit of it does.”

People in agriculture deal with the cycle of life every day.

“In the agriculture business, we see life being created all along. Everything from a baby calf to a baby sheep or goat or a baby colt, or seeds that you throw out in the ground. Fix the ground for it, throw the seeds out next thing you know you’ve got a plant. But Christmas, it’s a time of Jesus’ birth. Jesus was born in a barn. He was born in there with donkeys and sheep and shepherds all around him and it ties into agriculture really really well.”