From the Ground Up: TAMU Rebuts Harvard’s Criticism of Red Meat Study

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 8:50 AM CST
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John Sharp, the Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System made headlines recently when he sent a letter to Harvard University’s president claiming that some of Harvard’s faculty had engaged in an unethical campaign to discredit Texas A&M over its involvement in a study on red meat.

“What we are interested in is when it comes to nutrition is the truth, what the science is. Fortunately, when we hired Dr. Stover, who is a world-renowned nutritionist from Cornell, he gave us the firepower and the folks he’s added to that, to really do research as it should be on what nutrition really is.”

Sharp pointed out that Texas A&M does more research than any other university in the country.

“Dr. Stover and some of the folks prior to their coming to A&M had participated in a study on red meat and one of the things that it found was that it looked like the research that had been done before simply wasn’t accurate. And then Harvard started getting involved because they’d been promoting a vegetarian diet and all of these kinds of things for years and years. They started getting involved in all of it and started attacking the integrity of our researchers.”

Sharp says that the American Medical Association took Harvard to task by pointing out that less than ten percent of the people on the committee associated with Harvard’s research were doctors, even though they were held out as a committee of doctors.

“A huge number of them according to some folks were animal rights activists and folks like that. I don’t care if you’re an animal rights activist. I don’t care if you want to be a vegetarian. I don’t care if you want to eat in order to affect climate change. What I do care about is telling my kids and my grandkids that food is what you should eat because of somebody else’s politics. What we care about at Texas A&M is food nutrition that is good for you.

Sharp went on to say he believes that in the future Texas A&M will become the premier university for research in nutrition, providing the public with the truth based on pure science.