Wednesday's Child: Aidan

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 5:45 PM CDT
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There's a middle schooler in Texas who loves dogs, Nintendo, and math class. He's also up for adoption.

Aidan is 12 years old, and he loves dogs.

“Dogs are very energetic,” said Aidan, “and basically a man's best friend.”

Aidan says he’s excited about starting seventh grade this year.

“Because it makes your brain more smarter,” said Aidan. “The whole time you’re in school, you get more smarter.”

Aidan likes math, specifically, because he wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

“Because basically I design stuff out of Legos,” Aidan said, “really good stuff.”

Being kind is also important to Aidan.

“Basically being nice is a good thing to do,” said Aidan. “And it makes other people have a nice day.”

Aidan is looking for a forever family as nice as he is.

“Basically a really good mom,” Aidan said, “and two or three brothers and sisters.”

Aidan hopes his family will do things with him, like go fishing and ride scooters. He also wants a family that would listen to him talk about his feelings.

“Basically the sadness, the madness, and other stuff,” said Aidan. And that’s stuff that he tries to keep at bay.

“I try to think of good things and other stuff that keeps me calm,” said Aidan. “My Nintendo Switch, Legos, my mom—except that kind of makes me sad so…”

As Aidan would say, “basically,” he needs a good home. Call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700 if you are interested in being that family for Aidan or any of our KBTX Wednesday’s Children.

There is no cost to adopt a child out of Texas foster care. Furthermore, when the time comes, that child will receive free in-state college tuition.