Wednesday's Child: Alisha

Published: Jan. 1, 2020 at 5:03 PM CST
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Alisha, 16, brings laughter to an otherwise quiet day at Texas A&M Leach Teaching Gardens.

“I just love to be outside,” said Alisha with her signature laugh. “No matter if it’s cold, hot, humid—if it’s snowing.”

As a junior in high school, Alisha already has her junior Master Gardener’s certificate.

“You just bring something into life,” Alisha said.

But this isn’t her only artistic outlet.

“Music just tells a story,” said Alisha. “I write down raps; I make my own raps.”

Alisha uses it to express her feelings, experiences, and wishes.

“It feels good,” said Alisha. “Gets things off my chest.”

One day though, Alisha would like to have a forever family with which she could share those things.

“Just probably someone who's stable; someone who could like listen to me and accept me for who I am,” Alisha said. “Because I just like to be heard.”

There is no cost to adopt a child out of Texas foster care, and when the time comes, that child will receive free in-state college tuition.
If you’re interested in adopting Alisha or any of our Wednesday’s Children, call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700.