Wednesday's Child: Where are they now?

Published: Nov. 16, 2016 at 4:39 PM CST
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Every month, KBTX brings you the story of a child in need of a forever home. It's called Wednesday's Child, and it highlights the young people living in foster care who are in need of permanent adoption.

News 3 is happy to report a few recently featured kids have found forever families. While their adopted families' identities can't yet be revealed -- adoption is a long and complex process -- here are the updates that are available.


"I'm a big Aggie fan because I might want to go here one day," said Zach, 14.

Zach is closer to that goal. Because he was featured on Wednesday's Child in October, Zach was adopted by a forever family right here in the Aggieland.

"'How was your day at school?' That question's pretty common, but I don't really get asked that all the time," said Zach in his original interview, "and that would be pretty nice to get asked."

Here's hoping Zach now gets to answer that every day.

"Have you guys been brothers your whole lives?" News 3 asked young Keith, Riddick and Cyrus.

"Yes!" they exclaimed simultaneously.

Keith, Riddick and Cyrus now get to be brothers playing and staying together in the same forever home. These boys also were adopted after their new family saw them on KBTX and just knew they needed to hear their easy laughs every day.

But there are many Wednesday's Children who are still waiting for their shot at a forever family, like Jasmine.

"So I can start a new life," Jasmine said. "And start over. I want to get my chance. Sooner or later."

Ashton has been reaching for his forever home twice now on KBTX, once at nine years old and once at 11.

"Because I can go home with my real family, with my brothers and sisters," said Ashton of possibly being adopted.

When Davien was 12 on Wednesday's Child, he wanted to be a football player.

But at 14? "I want to be in the NBA," he said in his second interview with KBTX.

What hasn't changed is what he wants most: a forever family.

For Leslie and Chandler, this brother-sister set is ready for their stroke of luck and love, too.

"Just watching a movie together," said Leslie of what she and her younger brother would like to do with a family. "Spending time together. Anything, really. I could be at the most place that I hate in the world, but as long as I'm with them, I'm okay."

These patiently-waiting Wednesday's Children know you can't rush forever, but they sure wish it'd get here soon.

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To adopt these Wednesday's Children or any others, call Voices for Children at (979) 822-9700.